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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

How long will this last...

I bought into a "club good" version of season tickets to the Texas Rangers (I do have a little one due in May). I got five sets of two tickets, with parking passes, and two $5 Rangers Captain Cash certificates. The certificates are good for any food or beverage within the stadium, but do not provide any cash back and, according to the Rangers, have no cash value (sez them). Food stamps sell for $0.60 on the dollar so I figure that makes the Captain Cash certificate worth $3.00 on the street, perhaps more? However, the gray market for certificates is the least of the Rangers problems. Here is my scan (purposefully adulterated)

The certificates have sequential numbers, but the ability to scan and duplicate and alter the Captain Cash seems relatively easy. My scanner is not high powered and I do not have photo shop to change the "serieal numbers." I assume that I am not the only one to figure this out and therefore somewhere in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area someone's color ink jet is very busy. Luckily, our first game is April 11, which is the third home game overall. I plan to spend all ten dollars of my "Captain Cash" on Sunday because I figure it will take about four home games until the Rangers management figures out that they are honoring more certificates than they printed.

The Captain Cash idea sounds like a good one, and it easy to see how Rangers management could be talked into supporting it. However, incentives do matter and in this case the incentive is to counterfeit as much Captain Cash as possible, the odds of detection are relatively low and the value of counterfeiting is relatively high. We will see how long Captain Cash will last.

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