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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hostage killed in Iraq

This story describes the killing of an Italian hostage taken in Iraq. I understand that Arabic doesn't translate very well into English, and Al Jazeera seems to have tried, although this quote is a bit confusing:
"We have killed one of the four hostages we have in order to teach a lesson for those who are involved. We know they are guards working for the American occupation in our country.

"We ask you one more time to revolt once again in the face of your leaders and reject this unjust war on us so that we can protect your citizens. We are waiting for that from you or else we will kill them one by one," added the Green Brigade.

So, let me see if I have this straight. If the Italians revolt and reject the war those who KIDNAPPED an Italian civilian can protect said civilian, otherwise said KIDNAPPERS will be forced to kill the hostage? I dont understand.

I have long claimed that a safer and perhaps more productive way to solve the problems in the Middle East is to airdrop DVD players and DVDs, thousands of them, all over the Middle East. If Muslims are sensitive to the types of films that are airdropped (and I bet they aren't as sensitive behind closed doors as they are in the streets), we can start with Bollywood movies or film noir, whatever. We could even give everyone in the Middle East a Netflix account, and in the end it would be cheaper than having to invade.

If the citizens of these countries could get a taste of the wonders available in the rest of the world, fighting would seem silly, kids won't want to throw rocks at tanks because they will be watching Spongebob, parents won't want to send their kids out on homicide bombings because they will be watching Star Wars or some other such flick. Finally, everyone will have a future to look forward to - what the next Ben Affleck movie will be, will Meg Ryan ever do a sex scene with a man, things like that. People who look forward to the future are very reluctant to take up arms simply because some Cleric tells them to.

The Depken Doctrine - DVDs FOR EVERYONE!!

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