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Friday, April 23, 2004

CADPI Brewing update...

Next Saturday (May 1) is the most watched two minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby, and also May Day. The annual Depken festivities will be accented with Juleps for the floppy-hat crowd and a tasty handcrafted brew for toasting the proletariat. Called Worker's Wheat, the beer is anticipated to be light and easy drinking - around 3.6% alcohol by volume. The brew went into the bottle last night so in a week we get to see if it is any good. I had a problem with my original yeast and had to repitch, which might make the beer a bit funky. Going into the bottle the beer smelled and tasted okay, so it is a week of waiting to find out.

Here is the bottle label, which is a Russian May Day Poster circa 1932. The Russian at the bottom reads "The Revolution Lives On" - gotta love the ruskies.

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