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Friday, March 26, 2004

Old Writings

Before the days of blogs, and a subsequent decrease in attention span, those of us who wanted to write and post on the Internet did so by ftp'ing our files to a server somewhere and hoping that someone would see them. The blogs of today have made it simultaneously easier to write and post, but also has increased the competition for people's time - thus the reduced attention span. However, at times there are things worth reading, even if they are longer than the one-paragraph rant that is common to most blog posts.

I recently rediscovered a bunch of old essays I wrote in my earlier days of my academic career - they are obviously dated, but some of them have as much (perhaps more) appeal today as they did four or five years ago. On a personal level, it is interesting to read some of these essays and find that I still agree with what I said 5 years ago, which is perhaps a sign of maturity (or stubborness). Other essays made gradiose predictions that did not come true, others are creepy in how well they seem to match up with what is going on in the country and world today.

Over the next few weeks, I will post selected essays or excerpts - I promise not to change anything except for sentence fragments and grammatical errors as indicated by MS Word.

A couple of old writings are posted below.

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