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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

9/11 Commission...

I have tried hard to stay away from the recent spate of "blame Bush for 9/11" hearings, shows, etc. I have no monopoly on the truth, but I find it very hard to believe that ANY president would fail to stop such a terrorist attack if they could. At least Billy Boy only launched some cruise missles to distract, but Sen. Kennedy and others really want us to believe that the war in Iraq is a distraction from failed domestic policies? I thought Bush was an idiot, and therefore if the "No Child Left Behind Act" and "PATRIOT Act," (ugh) et al., are only JUST NOW FAILING, then Bush must have been a genius to know that these things were going to fail some two and a half years later...especially because Bush didn't really write the laws - at least last time I looked.

I suppose that those who blame Bush would have been happy if he had UNILATERALLY AND PREEMPTIVELY struck against the Taliban in August of 2001? Would not these same people who are now dizzy with outrage against Bush for NOT stopping 9/11 when he "maybe or perhaps could have done something" (see Clarke's interview on 60 minutes) have been incensed that a newly innaugurated president was busy pulling the trigger Cowboy-style when he hadn't had time to learn all that there was to learn from the previous administration, etc.

It makes me sick and therefore I try very hard to avoid it. However, when the time comes, we can all go to Lacuna and take care of things once and for all.

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